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Corperate Branding

In recent times, the world is seeing a significant rise in startups and other multinational giant businesses. Competition for getting a good share of the market is increasing every day. According to a survey, every day millions of companies and startups are registered in the world. It is essential for a company to create a great brand value to stay apt in this competitive world. The easy way to achieve a good brand value is to strategise the corporate branding efforts.

Without wasting any time, let’s embark on the journey and learn about various online and offline marketing strategies to make a successful corporate branding awareness that banishes monotonous marketing approach, and attract loyal, committed customers.

Online Marketing Strategies:

Referral Programs

Users will cherish to spread the word of the product or service when they receive some added reward. It is one of the best ways to gain an applaudable audience in a small time. Implementing a referral program can help the business in boosting sales strategically.

Fact: Referral programs have been shown to improve marketing effectiveness by approximately 54%.

Impressive Content Marketing

Another great way to get the brand known on the web is to publish informative, valuable, and interactive content on blogging websites. Posting blogs, infographics, doc shares, etc. can help the business in lead generation to improve their marketing stature.

Fact: Small businesses who invest in content marketing get 126% more lead generation than small companies who do not.

Influencer Marketing

With the hike in use of social media and video platforms, influencer marketing is gaining popularity. Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing in which businesses use famous personalities from social media or Youtube to promote their brand’s message to the larger audience. Such marketing effort is trending because people adore to watch and listen to these web stars. It creates excellent brand integrity in front of the audience thereby helping the business to elevate the sales.

Fact: 49% of the consumers buy the products by getting a recommendation from the influencer.

Social Media Stories

Small business marketers should utilise this method of digital marketing for fetching potential consumers as there is a flood of social media stories online. Tech-savvy marketers can employ this technique to promote their brand by showcasing their product and services in a creative and suave manner. Featuring the employees in social media stories, showing the story behind the making of the product, asking for reviews, etc. can excite the audience. Stories broadcasted on such platforms have a short span, so it is the right way to hit the people who have FOMO (fear of missing out).

Fact: Studies elicits that people can recall the 65% of the visual content that they saw three days ago.

Video Marketing

Delivering knowledgeable and quality content through visually stunning video allows the company to impart the message compellingly. Generating videos regarding product demos, “behind the scenes” of a company, life in the office, etc. help the company in building the loyalty of the audience.

Fact: Nearly 80% of people love to watch a video instead of reading a blog or a social media post.

Social Messaging Promos

Social messaging apps can be the future of digital marketing. Sharing promotional messages on such apps or websites can be beneficial for the business. As per a survey, around 2.5 million people are active in their messaging apps. Marketers can use such situation for their advantage to expand their reach of the business. Since people are lending most of their time on the messaging apps, it makes sense to divert the marketing efforts on messaging platforms to connect with potential clients. It can deliver a personalised message to enhance the user experience.

Fact: Around 50% of the people are inclined towards messaging apps for communication rather than emails and phone calls.

Email Marketing

The most significant benefit of email marketing is that it's easy to apply in the marketing strategy. Various quickly loaded templates of the emails for newsletters, promotions, information can make an email look stunning and personalised. Such efforts help the company to connect with the audience to promote the brand and increase sales.

Fact: Every dollar spent on email receives $38 as a return of investment.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be a way to generate organic traffic from search engines and to increase brand reach and image. With the help of broken link building, creating infographics or participating actively in social media communities can help the company in gaining organic traffic.

Fact: About 70% of the search engine users only focus on organic results.


It has become an integral part of digital marketing campaigns. AI-based technology is smart and fast for instant messaging to chat with the clients and site visitors in real time, without any hassle. Due to the expanding demands from the end users, chatbots can be beneficial in solving the queries. The reason behind incorporating chatbots is that people like to communicate with the chatbots as they are responsive, give prompt answers and never lose patience. They provide quick customer service and meet the expectations of the customers. In addition to this, it can also retain the information of the previous session so that the customer doesn’t have to start the conversation again.

Fact: Around 63% of the people consider messaging in an online chatbot to communicate with a business or a brand.

Remarketing Campaigns

It is a pro strategy for elevating brand awareness. Remarketing involves displaying ads to users who visited the company’s site but left before converting. Remarketing promos are published all over the web. Soon they’ll be seeing your business everywhere on their favourite blogs, while shopping online, etc. It gives the impression that your brand is much larger and popular hence increases the conversion rate.

Fact: Website visitors who encounter the remarketed ads are more likely to convert by 70%.

Podcast Marketing

Starting the company’s podcast can be a way to reach a lot of audiences. A podcast can air an interview with industry experts to build the company’s name while developing relationships with other pioneers. Such podcasts provide valuable information about the product and other significant inventions to lure more customers.

Fact: 65% of podcast listeners are more willing to purchase the products and services of the company after listening to their podcasts.

Offline Marketing Strategies:

Community Work

Businesses play an essential role in serving communities. Developing productive relationships with the community by sponsoring local events, getting involved with local schools, and hosting company’s events can make the company a household name. Company representatives wearing magnetic name badges during such events will create a unique identity and trust among the people to communicate with people to understand their problems. Such small efforts can be lead in spreading brand awareness.

Fact: 28% of the sales representative believes that community marketing is the best way for the lead generation.

Promotional Gifting

It is one of the best ways for offline marketing. Sending freebies with a personalised note to the clients can help the company in gaining the trust of the client. Moreover, such gifting aids the company to enhance the business reach and allow the organisation to interact with potential clients with ease.

Fact: More than 75% of gift receivers recall the name of the company who gave them a promotional product.

Postcard Marketing

It is an old school method that can work like a charm. Postcard marketing has the potential to lure a lot of potential customer with ease due to its personalisation aspect. Clients love to receive gifts that have a personal feeling and uniqueness. Moreover, the open rate of postcards is much higher that can generate a lot of leads for the company.

Fact: 56% of the people visit the store after receiving a direct email from the business.

Billboard marketing

This marketing strategy is old but still popular in attracting new customers. Hoardings have the potential to convey the company’s message in a short and creative way. By implementing various visual effects like 3D and other special effects can help the company to create a long-lasting impression in the eyes of the clients.

Fact: 71% of people often look at the messages displayed on roadside billboards to learn about an event or new restaurant that might interest them.

In short, both online and offline techniques can benefit the organisation in achieving great brand awareness in the long run, and to stay apt in the competitive market.

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