Global Sourcing | Signal Advantage

Global Sourcing

With offices in Australia and Hong Kong and partner factories in the USA, China and the UK, Signal Advantage offers unrivaled product options, printing and fast lead times. 

With high quality materials sourced around the globe, we take quality seriously! With years of experience we have been able to optimize the materials we use to ensure they are of the highest quality, so your products can be produced right first time and delivered onetime.

If you have something different in mind for your next event, marketing campaign, custom merchandise product or corporate gifts and are having trouble sourcing it locally, we can help with custom sourcing and design via our offshore factories.

We can source anything you need to suit your budget and manage your logistics and delivery with ease. Our office in Hong Kong can deliver directly to you, cutting out extra time spent on delivering internationally and then again domestically.

Plus, put your mind at ease knowing we working with ISO quality accredited factories who are also ethically certified.