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Having people wear name badges at conferences can be a great thing. Those who are running the conference, or working at it, will benefit from the professionalism, corporate identity, and by helping people to know who is working the event and who is attending it. When conference attendees wear name badges, it helps people identify who is attending, what company they are from, and it helps as an ice breaker to open the lines of communication.

 Here are 5 rules for creating conference name badges: 

  1. Determine who needs them. The first step is to determine who you are getting the name badges for. Do you want them for those working at the conference, attendees, and even volunteers? You need to know who is going to have them and if you will have separate kinds for each type of person who will be there. There is a name badge for every type of conference out there.
  2. Consider the different kinds. Consider reusable name badges, name badge holders, and custom-printed lanyards for events like conferences. You may want to consider having the employees wear permanent name badges, while you use a lanyard name badge system for those attending.
  3. Opt for quality. Some conferences last for more than one day. Especially in that case, you want to ensure that the name badges are made of high enough quality materials that they will last throughout the whole conference. Nobody wants to wear a name badge made of paper, for example, that will peel right off, rip, or fall apart before they can make it through the whole conference.
  4. Don’t overlook sponsorships. If you will be having name badge holders and lanyards, you will want to consider having sponsors pay to be on them. Getting a sponsor to pay to have their name or logo printed on the lanyard, for example, will help to cut down on the costs. When ordering lanyards, be sure to also make sure they are high quality and large enough that they will not be annoying to those wearing them.
  5. Consider adding a QR or bar code. You can get more marketing mileage out of adding a QR or bar code to your printed card or lanyard style name badge holders. This can be a marketing message or additional information about the conference.

Ordering name badges isn’t a difficult task. Sticking with ordering from a company in Australia that is experienced in providing companies with conference name badges is a great rule of thumb. They know what is needed and how the products should be ordered. Don’t overlook the help that you can get from contacting customer service, letting them know what type of conference you are having, and then letting them make some great name badge recommendations for you. There is a name badge for every conference.