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Posted on March 25th 2020 By Signal Advantage


When it comes to having your employees wear name badges you don’t want to just opt for anything and assume it will have to do. Choosing a great name badge is going to pay you back in the long run. After all, a name badge represents your company, so you want it to look good and convey the right information. Whether you are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane, every company in Australia needs to give thought to their name badge design and purpose prior to placing the order.

When you put some thought into ordering your name badges you will end up liking them more once they arrive. Plus, there’s a good chance they will be more effective at helping you reach your marketing and sales goals that you may have in using them in the first place. Not all name badges are created equal, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the ones you order are going to work for you. Here are 6 things every name badge should have:

1. Quality. This is a big one that every business should take notice to when it comes to ordering name badges for their employees. Think of your name badge as a business card that your customers are seeing. They need to see a quality name badge. If they see a name badge that looks cheap, flimsy, or of low quality it will reflect on your company, whether you realize it or not. People see the whole package. They don’t remove the name badge from the overall image of the company. The name badge is part of the company image, so make it count.

2. Good design. Having a good design for your name badges is going to help them get noticed, be remembered, and again reflect your company well. When it comes to design, be sure to opt for a font size and style that will work for the type of name badge you are ordering. The font should be large enough to see when someone is talking to the person. You don’t want them to try to struggle to read it because the print is too small, and you don’t want the font so large that it seems to be screaming the information. Also, the script of the font should be something that is easily readable. Fancy scripts can at times be difficult for people to read, so keep that in mind as you decide on what type of script you’d like for your name badges.

3. Accurate information. One mistake that people may make when ordering name badges is to not get the information correct. This can be costly, because you may end up needing to re-order the name badges. Before placing any orders be sure to get all the name information accurate for each of your employees. This can save a headache later. Having accurate name badges is one less thing to worry about, and nobody wants to get stuck having to wear something that doesn’t have their name spelling correctly or has the wrong title.

4. A title. Most people like to see a title on the name badge. They like to know who the person is within the company. It’s a choice as to whether or not you would like to add a title, but if you do, be sure to get accurate title information for each employee. If you have people who are promoted as time to goes on you will want to order a new name badge to update their title information and ensure the information is accurate.

5. Company info. One of the wonderful things about name badges is that they help with image branding. To help with your image branding be sure to add your company logo or name to your name badges. That way every time someone looks at the name badge they see your company image, helping with your marketing efforts.

6. The right style. Name badges come in various styles, including permanent name badges, reusable name badges, magnetic name badges, and badge holders with lanyards. Each of these serves a different kind of purpose, so be sure to opt for the one that will match your goals with them. For example, if your employees are attending a conference the ideal type of name badge to go with would be a name badge holder with a custom lanyard. Also, if you have a high turnover rate at your business you would want to consider reusable name badges.

Looking at name badges there may be a lot of options to choose from, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Just keep the above tips in mind when deciding what will work best for your company. Once you have narrowed that down you will be able to order a name badge that will help your company and employees get the most return from it.